Baby Names for Girls

Naming your baby is probably one of the most mind-occupying tasks of being a new parent. So, what better name to give your sweet pea than to honour a historical name filled with life-long meaning and blessing!

Girls Names

  1. Abigail - means “Cause of Joy” or “Father’s Joy”
  2. Adah – means “Adornment” or “Ornament”
  3. Adriel – means “Flock of God”
  4. Adina – Unisex name means “Delicate”
  5. Agnes – means “Pure” or “Holy”
  6. Anna – means “Favour” or “Grace” Anna is also the name of a woman who became the first Christian Missionary.
  7. Anah – means “One who Answers” or “One who Sings”
  8. Angel – Unisex name means “Messenger of God”
  9. Ashtoreth – means “Goddess of Love” This is a Hebrew inspired name
  10. Atarah – means “Crown”
  11. Athaliah – means and refers to “The Time of the Lord”
  12. Bernice – means “One Who Brings Victory”
  13. Bethel – means “House of God”
  14. Bethany – Name of a town near Jerusalem.
  15. Candace – means “Pure” and “Innocent” can be shortened to Candi or spelled Kandace
  16. Claudia – biblical name meaning “Lame”
  17. Charis – Greek word meaning “Grace”
  18. Deborah – means “Bee” Christian names from the Bible
  19. Delilah – in Hebrew it means “Delicate”
  20. Dinah – means “God will judge”
  21. Dove – is the bird of Peace
  22. Drusilla – means “fruitful” or “dewy-eyed”
  23. Eden – means “Delight”
  24. Elizabeth – means “Worshipper of God” or “God is my Oath” can also be spelled Elisabeth
  25. Elisha – Unisex name meaning “God is Salvation”
  26. Esther – Biblical name with many meanings. Most commonly agreed to mean “Star”
  27. Eve – means “Living”
  28. Faith – means “Trust” or “Belief”
  29. Gabrielle/Gabriella – derived from Gabriel, meaning “God is my Strength”
  30. Gomer – Unisex name meaning “Complete” in Hebrew
  31. Grace - means “Courteousness” or “Politeness”
  32. Hannah – means “Full of Mercy” or “Gracious” can also be spelled Hanna
  33. Hope – One of the 3 main Christian virtues
  34. Jezebel – mentioned in the Bible
  35. Joanna – means “God is Gracious”
  36. Joy – means “Joy” or “Rejoicing in Happiness”
  37. Judith – means “The Praised One” can be shortened to Judy
  38. Keturah – mentioned in the Bible, means “Incense”
  39. Kezia/Keziah – means “sweet-scented spice” Hebrew name
  40. Leah – Hebrew name meaning “weary” Leah was the first wife of Jacob
  41. Lydia – means “From Lydia” in Greek and from the Bible means “kind” or “kindred spirit”
  42. Magdalene- means “From Magdala” can also be Magdeline or Magdalena
  43. Mary – means “Wished-for-child” and was the Mother of Jesus
  44. Myra – refers to a town in the Bible
  45. Naarah – means “young woman” or “girl/child of the Lord”
  46. Naomi – means “pleasant”
  47. Noah – Unisex name meaning “rest” or “comfort”
  48. Oprah – means “fawn”
  49. Phoebe – Greek name meaning “bright”
  50. Rachel – means “ewe” a female sheep
  51. Rebecca – means “captivating” can also be spelled Rebekah
  52. Rhoda – Greek name meaning “rose” or “from Rhodes”
  53. Ruth – Hebrew baby name meaning “companion” or “friend”
  54. Salome – means “peace”
  55. Sapphira – means “sapphire”
  56. Sarah – means “Princess”
  57. Sarai – means “lady” or “princess”
  58. Shiloh – means “abundant job” or “peace”
  59. Tabitha – From the Aramaic word for gazelle, means “beauty” or “grace”
  60. Talitha – means “child” or “little girl”
  61. Tamar/Tamara – means “a palm tree” and it signifies beauty
  62. Terah – means “scent” or “to breathe”
  63. Zemira – means “one who is praised”
  64. Zibiah – means “doe”
  65. Zion – refers to “a highest point” or monument
  66. Zipphorah – means “little bird”

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